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31st Day of Reading Conference Materials (2007)

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The Literacy Coach – A Way to Improve Teaching & Learning – Roundtable Discussion,  Barb Mazzolini, reading specialist, Wheaton North High School, Wheaton, IL  and  Samantha Morley, reading specialist, Scullen Middle School, Naperville, IL
        Literacy Coach Agenda
        Carousel Questions
        Carousel Questions/Answers IRC 2007
        Standards for Literacy Coaches
References for Literacy Coaches

Motivational Reading and Writing Strategies for ELL Learners, Kristen Valentine, 8th grade ELL/bilingual teacher, Cooper Middle School, Buffalo Grove, IL  and  Kathleen Pizza 7th grade bilingual teacher, Holmes Middle School, Wheeling, IL
        PowerPoint Presentation
Teaching Poetry:  Removing the Fear Factor, Cindy Wilson assistant professor, University of Illinois-Springfield, Springfield, IL
        Removing the Fear Factor
Burke at Work in the High School – Vocabulary Strategies ,  Michael Gudwien, English teacher, Williamsville High School, Springfield, IL
       PowerPoint Presentation  
YA Fiction That Will Engage the Adolescent Reluctant Male Reader, Howard Parkhurst, assistant professor, Central Michigan University, Shepherd, MI
        List of Recommended Books for Adolescent Males
        List of Recommended Books II
        Presentation Overheads
        Reference List
Teaching Reading as a Process Jim Burke, HS English teacher, Burlingame, CA; NCTE Intellectual Freedom Award
        Presentation Materials
Burke at Work in the Middle School – Teaching Grammar Through Writing   (Pebble Beach Room) Michael Gudwien, English teacher, Williamsville High School, Springfield, IL
        PowerPoint Presentation